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When everything is floating away from me, I stop feeling bad. I just feel numb.


Surround us in the darkness
the tiny lights of nothing
the pieces of our midnight
when thoughts are our undoing

stitch together blankets
quilts of matching sins
and watch the excuses rising
from somewhere deep within.

surround us in the darkness
shortened breath on skin
and wait
wait forever
till the worms are breeding,
the skies bleeding lovers
and there are no hands left
to hold in the morning

surround us in the darkness
and lets see who wins.
I guarantee it won’t be you
pretty flower on my shin.

-Michel LazzaroPretty Flowers (via elzaro)


i am so jealous of all the people who are comfortable with who they are physically and mentally


cows write about their secrets in a dairy

My happiness in the morning is found at the bottom of a coffee mug